Where to Invade Next

Michael Moore
Moore is back with Where to Invade Next, perhaps his best, most hopeful, and solution-based film yet, which posits that America would be a much better place if it copied some of Europe’s more humane, socialist-inspired solutions and had more female leaders in politics and business.
Jonathan Kim / The Huffington Post
After a characteristically flip opening montage of various far-flung conflicts in which the U.S. military has embroiled itself over the past century, Moore decides to brand himself a new kind of American invader, a one-man conquering army who will travel to foreign nations not to destroy their villages and enslave their citizens, but rather to plunder their way of life.
Justin Chang / Variety
No laugh in this doc – and there are plenty – goes out without a sting in its tail.
Peter Travers / Rolling Stone

USA 2015. Finnkino
Kuvaus/DOP: Rick Rowley, Jayme Roy * Leikkaus/Editor: Pablo Proenza, Todd Woody Richman, Tyler H. Walk * Kopion lähde/DCP source: Finnkino * Kieli/Language: English, Italian, French, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic, subtitles in Finnish & Swedish * Kesto/Duration: 120 min * Ikäraja/Age limit: 12
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